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QuickIM: mobile instant messaging anywhere!

QuickIM instant messenger software allows you to connect to public MSN networks using your cell phone and chat with friends from anywhere you are.

QuickIM is also available for corporate instant messaging networks running 12Planet ICS (Instant Communications Server).

Why choose QuickIM instant messenger for your phone?

» Unlike some mobile messenger software, QuickIM charges only a one time licence fee, there is no annual subscription to pay! Make sure to read fully the competing offers small prints before making a purchasing decision. If it's written somewhere "the cost of this product includes the first year of service.", it means you have to pay every year in order to use their software! QuickIM charges only a one-time fee for unlimited use.

» QuickIM does not use costly text messages (SMS) nor WAP connections to connect to the MSN network. Most mobile messengers use WAP connections and do server polling every few seconds, which result into high GPRS data use and high data bill. As opposed to those solutions, QuickIM is very data bandwidth friendly, but requires a full Internet access GPRS APN (Access Point) instead of common WAP GPRS. You may have to contact your operator to subscribe to a full internet access GPRS data option. But the resulting difference in your monthly data bill will make the software cost negligible, even compared to free alternatives.

Beyond those competitive strengths, QuickIM is simply an excellent mobile messenger for MSN (AOL instant messaging is available on Symbian 7.0 / UIQ cell phones). Because QuickIM is available on almost all major cell phones, you should get a QuickIM for you and also for your family members to stay in touch anytime.

QuickIM instant messenger is a ProxyLess messenger providing the following unique features:

» cost efficient much lower GPRS data bandwidth consumption than most multi-networks mobile messenger solutions that are proxy based, lower cost also compared to SMS based messenger if you are a big IM user.
» confidentiality of your messages because as opposed to most multi-network products, your messages go directly* to MSN servers instead of through a third party vendor’s computer
» no annual subscription fee because QuickIM doesn't need to charge its users any maintenance/bandwidth cost of proxy servers
» more reliable because QuickIM connects directly to the instant messaging server, while other products that use proxy servers have an extra layer of point of failure
» compatible with WIFI, Bluetooth for Palm devices (Tungsten, Zire 72 ...), Nokia Communicator 9500 ...
» new multimedia features (capture picture, record audio) on compatible cell phones with QuickIM J2ME 2.0
» compatible with private secure QuickIM corporate instant messaging networks
» guaranteed support of the software, we have been providing instant messaging solutions since 1997
* more detailed information can be found in the FAQs section

Currently supported IM networks are:

MSN on Symbian UIQ cell phones (SonyEricsson p800, p900, p910, Motorola A1000 …), PalmOS (Treo 600, Treo 650, Tungsten C …), Communicator Editions (9300, 9500, 7710 ...), BlackBerry and most J2ME MIDP 2.0 cell phones such as Series60 phones (Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Sagem, Motorola, SonyEricsson …).

AOL AIM messenger support is available on Symbian UIQ phones. Support of other phones is coming, stay tuned.

QuickIM messenger software can also connect to a corporate secure instant messaging network running QuickIM server software.

Support QuickIM!

QuickIM is developed by a team of passionate mobile software developers, we need your feedback to continuously improve the product and your support to make QuickIM known by more users. Spread the word!

MSN is a trademark of Microsoft corporation, Yahoo is a trademark of Yahoo! Inc, AOL and AIM are trademarks of AOL Inc. QuickIM.com is not affiliated with either Microsoft, Yahoo! or AOL

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