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Overview : QuickIM MSN instant messenger for Symbian UIQ phones

Important, if you are not using a phone in the list below, then you should probably try the J2ME version instead:
SonyEricsson P910i, P918, P900, P908, P808, P800, Motorola A1000, A925, BenQ P30, P31, Nokia 6708

For example, SonyEricsson P990i works only with the J2ME version! You should not use the Symbian UIQ version in this case.

QuickIM is a powerful instant messenger for Symbian UIQ phones (SonyEricsson P910i, P900, P800, Motorola A1000, A925, BenQ P30, P31, Nokia 6708) supporting the public MSN network or the AOL AIM network. It enables you to quickly exchange and send instant messages to other phone and PC users from anywhere without paying any ''per message' charge ! Because it connects directly to the MSN and AOL instant messaging server, this solution is a cost saving alternative to most costly data consuming messengers that use proxy technology and that charge you an annual subscription fee.

Why choose QuickIM instant messenger? Because it helps you to keep your instant messages confidential and save money on your gprs, w-cdma or umts internet connection. Read more about the benefits using a QuickIM messenger, the only ProxyLess MSN network compatible messenger!

Easy and features rich:

You only need to launch the application, enter your account login and connect to your favorite network server.

Once connected, you can:

Use a contact list on which you can see the status of your contacts and change their own

Discuss in private or multiple users sessions simultaneously

Use text or emoticons to communicate

Add or delete contacts from your contact list

Block a contact from seeing you in his/her buddy list for more privacy

Personalize the look of the application by changing text colors, language or skin colors.


  • Symbian UIQ 2.0
  • MSN messenger instant messaging account
  • Mobile internet connection (compatible with POP3 and SMTP email services), contact your mobile operator to have a compatible data service activated for you. They should send you the configuration settings as well.

Compatible devices:

  • SonyEricsson P910, P900, P800
  • Motorola A1000, A925, A920
  • BenQ P30.

Open to business messaging use:

Beyond the public MSN instant messaging network, Quick IM messenger can also be used in connection with a corporate secure instant messaging network running QuickIM Instant Messaging Server software.


- Java Phones (J2ME) Edition
Palm OS / Treo Edition
Blackberry Edition
- UIQ (Symbian) Edition

Corporate IM Server

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