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QuickIM Server Edition QuickIM Server Edition

QuickIM Server helps you build the instant messaging application that fits your business!

Why choose Quick IM Instant Messaging Server?

Quick IM Messaging Server is a commercial grade solution bringing true and immediate business benefits for your company :

Commercial support with a lower overall cost

  • Quick IM Instant Messaging has a very low per user cost compared to other commercial solutions
  • An overall cost lower than in house customization of most free solutions, hard to maintain. The deployment of the solution takes only a few days instead of weeks if you are customizing some free solutions
  • Always available support. Quick IM will provide you continuous support of the product so you remain in control of it even when the technical team you hired to deploy your instant messaging solution is no more available
  • Source code available and support of open source standards. While a commercial product, we make the source code of the solution available if necessary

Easy installation

  • Wizard for one click installation
  • Single sign on web integration

Corporate instant messaging features

  • Create your private and secure instant messaging network
  • Integration with corporate directories
  • Maintenance free zero install web instant messaging client applet


  • Multiplatform: support of Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows 2000/XP/2003/NT4, MacOSX
  • Multilingual: support for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Eastern Asian languages
  • JAVA APIs: integrate it with your current J2EE business applications or portals
  • Single sign on integration with most users membership database or directories (ActiveDirectory, LDAP, mySQL, Oracle)


  • Graphical skin engine for complete rebranding and custom look and feel

Reliable and secure instant messaging software

  • firewall compatible
  • VPN support
  • Transcript of all chat messages

Consulting services for your instant messaging network

Because every organization has different business goals, practices and policies, we have built our Quick IM instant messaging server program to be as customizable as possible without jeopardizing performance and reliability.

Therefore to take advantage of this customizability, we provide consulting services for help with the design, integration, secure instant messaging and advanced feature development. Specifically, we work with our customers to:

  • Plan the interface and functionality.
  • Integrate with existing systems.
  • Migrate data from legacy systems.
  • Customize the skin for look, feel and function.
  • Implement custom features.

Typical engagements for enterprise instant messaging include:

  • integrating QuickIM products into user and authentication systems,
  • matching the look and feel of websites,
  • optimizing instant messaging server configurations for maximum performance,
  • building new features to custom specifications.

QuickIM Server is based on 12Planet Instant Communications Server, and is not yet available for public download, use the link below to download the existing version of 12Planet Instant Communications Server, an integrated server platform for chat, forum and instant messaging with support of voice / video, whiteboard, screen sharing and more add-on modules.

Download 12Planet Instant Communications Server


- Java Phones (J2ME) Edition
Palm OS / Treo Edition
Blackberry Edition
- UIQ (Symbian) Edition

Corporate IM Server

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